Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Distance control is a big thing on long putts. If you judge the speed right, you’ll almost always have a simple second putt. But if you judge it wrong, you might leave yourself 10 or 12 feet. On long putts, it is better that the stroke is a little longer and slower, so you can put some hit on the ball. When most golfers try to hit it harder, they get quick and dominant, which usually causes a Mis-hit. You want the putter head to accelerate through the ball, so think long and smooth. This is fairly possible with the John’s drill for Putting.

One Ball, One Target

If on a practice putting green with multiple cups, this drill brings home the concept of “two putting for par”. Instead of looking at a target of four and a quarter inches in diameter, think about a target, initially one putter length from the hole and putting the ball inside that circle. It will initially add confidence and reduce the number of strokes per round. If there is no practice green available then on an available green, place golf balls at different positions on the green and practice two putting to save par (or make a birdie on a par five!).

Making it to par becomes easy and enjoyable with ‘One ball, one target’. This is a time trusted drill to help you make your golfing experience remarkable and score enhancing.

By Coach John Volz

Imperial Golf Estate, Ludhiana.


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