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In this tutorial, Anderson breaks down Rory McIlroy’s impressive driving ability which includes a go-to high draw shot that has served him well throughout his illustrious career which includes three FedExCup victories, four major titles and 24 PGA TOUR wins.


Rory McIlroy is one of the best drivers on the PGA TOUR. He is known for hitting a high draw, which goes long and straight. In this month’s segment, I’ll break down the key elements for this golf shot which can help you put that high draw into your shot pattern.


There are several key elements in Rory’s set-up that help produce this type of ball flight. The first thing in his set-up is he positions the ball off his left heel (photo 1) with the club face looking slightly left of his body alignment. Another key aspect is he tilts his upper body a little bit to the right (photo 2) so that his spine is tilted away from the target. What this does is allow Rory to turn behind the ball and load into his right leg, especially into his right heel, so from when he delivers the club, he is hitting the ball with the club moving on an upward angle of attack.


You’ll also notice Rory stays well behind the ball with his upper body, he turns behind the ball, and as he lowers the club down, he keeps his head and upper body behind the ball (photo 3) which is important in helping the club face close through impact and the club moving upwards through impact. The other thing Rory does so well is he delivers the club from the inside of the golf ball. So as he’s coming down, he’s delivering his left arm from around his body down from the inside (photo 4), and his left arm is extending down/out towards the ball so the club face can close. This creates a shallow inside-out path with a slightly closed club face to the path which produces that draw shape


The final thing that Rory does is as he’s delivering his club on this inside-out path, he’s pushing up with his feet, especially his right foot, and releasing his body, arms, hands and club into the ball. His hips will open first, then his chest will open (photo 5), and this will sling his arms out and close the club face to the path producing that draw we all love to see.

In summary, set up behind the ball, turn behind the ball, deliver the club from the inside and use your lower body to push up and around to release your hips, chest, arms, and hands, and sling the club out to the ball through impact. If you do this, you should be able to hit that nice high draw, get a little more distance and have a little bit more fun on those right-to-left holes.

Todd Anderson is the Director of Instruction at the PGA TOUR Performance Center at TPC Sawgrass, home of THE PLAYERS Championship. The 2010 National PGA Teacher of the Year has seen his students amass more than 50 victories across the PGA TOUR and Korn Ferry Tour, including two FedExCup titles. He is currently rated by Golf Digest as one of the top 20 golf instructors in the United States

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