Sunday, February 25, 2024

TAEGA is once again back with its most awaited team event having 4 Team with 4 Captains. The event started on 7th April and finished on 8th May 2022. The tournament was played in different format’s Match Play (Scramble Match play; American Match Play & 3 way Match Play).

Total 88 players played over a period of 1 month. Every team took this as a challenge to compete the tournament to reach to finals. The tournament was played in the true sportsmen sprit. The officials for the tournament were Mr Sudershan Singh and Mr Rohan Manhas.

The Team scores as follows;

OPULENCE                         :              469

SPACE MANAGEMENT     :              356

DAMSON                            :              438

HABITAT                             :              592

The Winner was Team “HABITAT” with 592 points. Fantastic prizes of Srixon Drivers and A box of Srixon Z golf balls were given to the golfers.


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