Friday, December 1, 2023

Bharath Arvind

Launches Asia’s first Protee VX golf simulator at Golfer’s Edge Chennai.

TeeTime Ventures, a leader in indoor golf simulation solutions in India, launches the Protee VX golf simulator at Golfer’s Edge Chennai. This cutting-edge AI-powered launch monitor, a part of a global product launch, is set to redefine golf simulation by offering an unmatched, ultrarealistic experience.

Golfer’s Edge Chennai, an indoor golf centre which opened earlier this year, is the first venue in Asia to unveil this groundbreaking technology, marking a historic moment for golf enthusiasts in the region.

“Our goal is to make golf more accessible, affordable and convenient thereby bringing more new entrants to the game. A golf simulator is a digital setup that resembles the actual game, allowing you to analyze your swing, see errors, and improve your game without going to the local course. It will enable existing golfers and newcomers to play regardless of the weather or day at specially designed facilities.”, said Bharath Arvind, Cofounder of Golfer’s Edge Chennai.

A New Era for Golf Simulation: The Global Indoor Golf Market

According to a recent report by Strait Research, the golf simulators market was valued at USD 1.48 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD 3.2 billion by 2031 at a CAGR of 9.2% during the forecast period (2023–2031). Asia-Pacific is projected to be the fastest-growing market in terms of the adoption of golf simulators. Lack of awareness of the game among millennials, an increasing number of commercial centres offering indoor golf services, and product development activities by leading market players drive the regional market growth. As per industry experts, the adoption of golf simulators in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow with a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period.

“Golf has always been synonymous with tradition and precision, but the sport is undergoing a dynamic transformation with the rise of indoor golf. A golf simulator allows golfers to practice their swing in a simulated environment thereby helping game improvement and on-course performance”, said Hari Natarajan, Founder, of TeeTime Ventures.

Protee United BV’s new cutting-edge golf launch monitor represents a remarkable blend of high-quality precision and affordability. Protee VX redefines the industry standard by offering accuracy and reliability that were once only accessible to the most elite players and facilities. The Vision and A.I. powered ceiling launch monitor with dual high-speed camera systems measure relevant shot data in a matter of milliseconds for accurate, realistic golf play simulation for home, commercial venue or professional use. Ultra Slow-Motion Video captures the club’s impact with the ball, enabling unparalleled feedback for improvement.

“Our new top-of-the-line VX is going to change the Simulator industry for the better” Said Dennis Van Drie, CEO “And with a partner such as TeeTime Ventures we know that success is guaranteed.”

The systems capture and measure a breadth of data, delivered in real-time, to enable adjustments and ultimately improve a player’s game. Golfers can track a variety of aspects of each shot including but not limited to ball speed, spin, and launch; club data like speed, path, angle, impact point and more; and flight data like flight path, apex height and time, distance, air time, descent angle, and more.

Factors fuelling the rise of indoor golf simulators

Weather-Independent Play: Indoor golf facilities, like Golfer’s Edge Chennai, provide golfers with the freedom to play and practice year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Technological Advancements: Cuttingedge innovations, such as AI-powered launch monitors like Protee VX, deliver an immersive, data-rich experience that can enhance players’ skills and enjoyment.

Accessibility: Indoor golf centres offer a welcoming environment for golfers of all skill levels, democratizing the sport and making it more inclusive.

Off-Course Golf Trend: Golfers worldwide are increasingly embracing off-course golf due to the convenience, affordability, and advanced technology offered by indoor simulators.

“Our new top-of-the-line VX is going to change the Simulator industry for the better”

Dennis Van Drie, CEO

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