Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Some things are ever-changing for the traveler on the go and that is usually tied into high-tech accessories like charging devices and portable electronics.


One of the handy developments with the roving golfer in mind are golf bands. One popular model is the Approach X40 from Garmin that combines golf and fitness tracking into onesleek band. Travelers enjoy these multi-faceted devices and the better ones in the marketplace offer wrist heart rate technology and activity trackingthat shows steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and activity intensity, but also a communications component where the wearer receives vibrating smart notifications for incoming calls, texts and other alerts.


For the traveling golfer these smart bands are loaded with course details all over the globe. They not only display distances to the front, back and middle of the green plus hazards, they also have a tracking component that measures your shot distances and auto-records detected shots for post-round analysis.


Another high-tech product that helps ease a long journey, especially on overseas flights, are headphones.


The newest models are lighter in weight, softly padded and provide more evenly weight distribution across your head allowing for longer listening pleasure. The trend is toward a slimmer profile that can also fold flat for easier transport.


“We don’t underestimate what our customers expect,” said Bernice Cramer, general manager of Bose Wireless Headphones. “We take quality as seriously as performance.”


Of course, all those MacBooks, tablets, iPods and smartphones need power and the better portable charging devices offer longer power and faster re-energizing than their competitors all while keeping the size of the device slim and sleek.


However, while high-tech has its place, there will always be room for classic travel gear and one of the proven best are goods made of leather.

“Hand-crafted, full-grain, quality leather accessories are timeless in design and will go with you for a lifetime, withstanding the rigors of travel and looking good in the process.  They only get better with time, developing a rich patina that gives them substance and character . . . as if they have a story to tell,” noted Col. Littleton who operates a very successful leather business bearing his name. “You are not going to wear out our leather products. You will just continue to “wear them in”.


Of course, portable electronics, leather notebooks and briefcases as well as clothes require something to carry them in and long-established luggage companies like Samsonite and Delsey have produced some high-tech innovations in that realm as well.


Travel gear should be well-manufactured and engineered from light, high-quality and durable materials. With the varying allowance regulations for the size of carry-on and checked luggage from one airline to another, manufacturers are trying to keep things more mobile, in addition to improved strength and durability with wheels. Delsey has added a removable tri-fold organizer with two zippered pockets and one zippered wet pouch. It has also created an overweight indicator that reveals when your bag weighs over the designated limit BEFORE you leave your home or hotel.


Keeping pace with the demands of the business traveler,Samsonite has designedan innovative solution that offers an entire mobile office on wheels with their Xenon 3.0 line with such features as a padded laptop sleeve with tablet and stylus organization built-in; plenty of space for files, and a section that can be opened 180 degrees to lay flat.


Regardless of the mode of transportation, technical innovation, multi-purpose functionality and the consumers’ overall comfort and ease of mobility are at the forefront of manufacturers’ minds when it comes to developing travel gear.


By Randy Williams


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