Friday, December 1, 2023

This event was initially conceptualised as a very friendly gathering of a few close friends of Mr. Kapil Dev. As the event progressed, a small affair turned out to be a massive Gala tournament followed by a sensational evening. The evening saw an outstanding performance by a renowned singer Mr. Padam Sherawat which made the evening even more special.

The afternoon saw some amazing golf by these passionate golfers who came from across India. 

The seriousness of the tournament was well accompanied by the fun that everyone was having on and off the golf course.


  1. Winner Overall Gross: Ashish Kapoor
  2. Winner Over All Net: Rakesh Jolly
  3. Winner Age 50 Below Category :Shamsher Dhupia
  4. Winner Age 50 + Category : Annauj Mattoo


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