Sunday, September 24, 2023

A ball trickling off the back of the green can cause problems when it nestles snugly against the first cut. While the putting surface might only be a foot in front of you, longer grass means you can’t really putt it, or get the bottom of the club to the back of the ball. Here’s a solution, and with just a little practice it can become a really useful shot to have in the bag…




1)   Hover it, just a little bit

Use the leading edge of your wedge. Such a thin surface won’t snag in the longer grass. Strike the middle of the ball and it will run like a putt. A strike slightly above the equator can also work, adding topspin to help the ball roll.





2)   Level angle of attack

The key to executing this shot is attack angle. Anything downwards will tend to send the leading edge below the ball’s equator. A level attack from a hovered clubhead will help your contact. Promote this with a mid-stance ball position.






3)   Hit it like a putt

For the best results, use a wrist-free putting-style stroke. Wrist action creates angles that can lead to a damaging descending blow; with a shoulder-led, wrist-free stroke you can sweep the wedge low to the ground.



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