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Practicing your balance by hitting balls with your feet together, standing only on your left/right foot, is an incredibly important full swing drill for every level of player. The list of swing errors that this simple drill will aid include, swaying on the backswing, over swinging, insufficient wrist hinge on the backswing, starting the downswing with the shoulders and coming over the top and not rotating the forearms through impact, so quite a collection really.

The feet together drill

It’s easy to do and the benefits are many: Narrowing your base of support makes it near impossible to sway off the ball as you start your takeaway. Instead, you’ll feel a natural body rotation. The tempo and rhythm of your swing will improve and your balance skills will become stronger.

Address the ball with your feet touching one another. Hit a few mid-iron shots using half to ¾ swings. Keep the grip pressure light, the pace easy and aim to rotate your body over the back foot on the backswing and through to the front foot in the finish. If you feel off-balance at the end, it’s likely that your arms and hands were too active, knocking you out of sync. By striving to stay in balance, you’re training the upper and lower halves of your body to work together in the correct sequence. Try a few before your next round – it’s easy to incorporate into your pre-round warm-up and it really helps set the tone for a good swing on that all-important first tee!

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The left foot forward right foot behind drill

  1. Place you right foot 12″ back so that your right toes are roughly in line with you left heel.
  2. Swing along the path of your body and hit the ball out to right field
  3. Work at drawing the ball back into the centre.

This helps ingrains the correct swing path and should in theory turn a bad slice into a nice draw.

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