Sunday, September 24, 2023


A reverse pivot at the top of the backswing often causes a slice and robs distance. Here’s a simple fix…

A destructive reverse pivot

The body turns away from the target faster than the clubhead is moving. Instead of loading pressure into the right foot, it throws the pelvis back. You don’t load your weight into the right side and your arms get laid off. From here, your only route back to the ball is to cast the club outside the line in the downswing, so you hit across the ball from out-to-in and produce a slice.


A good turn and weight shift

The body should be gently rotating to keep pace with the club on the way back, which gives you time to load weight into your right side while keeping the club in front of you. This helps you set the club in a neutral position at the top, with the hands just above the head and shaft pointing at the ball. From here, you can drop the club into the slot in the transition and attack the ball from the inside.



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