Sunday, February 25, 2024

To control pitch spin, keep grooves facing the sky in follow-through 




My ability to get the ball in the hole efficiently from within 100 yards or so of the green has been a huge contributing factor to my success the past few years. There’s no real shortcut, other than putting the hours in on the practice range. However, it does help to know you’re working on the correct things. Here’s a selection of my favourite pitching swing thoughts. Hopefully, you’ll find something here that will help you knock the flag out from close range.




Use your set-up to tweak the shot

I don’t make big changes to my regular set-up when pitching other than standing a little closer to the ball with a narrower stance, but I’ll vary ball position and shaft lean to create different trajectories.







Create the power with wrist hinge

Some players like to control the whole pitching movement with their upper body. When I want loft, I like to create the power
I need with a lofted club aggressively hinged wrists.








Left wrist remains square at impact

One of my thoughts is to keep the back of my left wrist ‘square’. By that I mean I don’t want the angles breaking down. Feel that the back of your lead wrist is flat when you strike the ball.





Keep the grooves facing skyward

When I turn my body through to the target to control the shot, I’m not relying on hand action to release the club through impact. Done correctly the grooves will face the sky in the follow-through.


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