Saturday, December 9, 2023

Tarun Sardesai is an expert in Elite Player development and will be doing a series of intermediate to advanced lessons for players who want to improve performance and dispersion. These drills will take practice and commitment and will not work for the novice golfer. Once you have your fundamentals in place you can then move on to these drills and exercises to further bring down your scores.

In this section we will focus on direction control.

What a lot of golfers don’t realise is that if they can control where their ball starts, they will be able to control the direction of the golf ball.

The start direction of the golf ball is dictated by the position of the club face and most players are not aware of their club face at impact.

This is a good drill to improve start direction and build awareness of the club face.

Put a tour stick into the ground on your target line so that you have an idea of the start direction.

Hit balls trying to start the ball to the left and the right of the tour stick so that you understand your club face orientation at impact.

In the picture above you can see that the ball has started to the right of the target line.

This is because my club face was open to the target at the point of contact which is ideal for a draw player.

The reverse is true for players who prefer the fade.

Work on your start direction and you can be sure that you will hit more fairways and greens.

By Tarun Sardesai


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