Wednesday, February 28, 2024


By Vani Kapoor


  1. The ball position is ahead of centre more towards the left heel.
  2. Weight is 60% on the left and 40% on the right.

– There is a line behind the ball (you can highlight it) that’s the place where the club-head should enter the sand for the ball to come out consistently

– The feeling is to hit into the sand to make the ball come out

– We do not hit the ball directly in a bunker shot

– The distance of the bunker shot is managed by the length of the swing




  1. The club face is open – to get more spin and make the ball land softly.
  2. The club face always points towards the target.
  3. The club face is open because the club can bounce off the sand easily instead of getting stuck in the sand.
  4. The shoulders will aim little left of target. This will help the club face go underneath the sand easily.






It shows where the club entered the sand which is on the line.


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